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Cleaning of your Carpets and Rugs

A great custom rug or carpet can be a big investment for your home. Here is some information and tips that may be helpful, with the proper care to possibly extend the life of all the rugs in your house.
Foot Traffic. Before you enter your house next time, take a good look at the bottoms of your shoes. You will likely find oil, dirt, hey, you own a dog? (You get my drift!). All these types of things can rub into the carpet. Also, any type of sand or grainy residue can grind away at the fibers of the rug. But do not stop with that thought; if you like walking around barefoot, remember the oil, dirt, and sand are there as well. The best solution is easy: wear socks or slippers for best care.
Vacuum your carpet regularly, and do not use liquid shampoos to clean them. Use this analogy of putting shampoo on your hair and not properly rinsing and feeling that oily sensation. The same thing can happen to your carpet, resulting in a sticky residue. If it happens, use this formula. Rent a shampoo machine that cleans with water. Mix one cup vinegar per 2.5 gallons of water and clean according to directions. Go back over with warm water only. The vinegar pulls out the old shampoo and cleans the carpet. Repeat if necessary to get that soft feel as well as removing the dirt and grime.
A good product to use on dirt stains is Capture. It is a dry powder that can be sprinkled in your carpet. When you vacumn the carpet the Capture powdeattaches to the dirt molecules and the dirt comes right out! Capture is also great to use on the ege of steps and even upholstered furniture
Stains. The everyday event, what a hassle and what to do. Well, never rub a stain, just blot. Rubbing breaks down the fibers and only spreads the stain further. Did you know that shaving cream can remove most stains? Spray on (do not rub in!), let it sit for 15 minutes, and then rinse with water and vinegar.
Club soda removes most wine stains. Food items with red dye can be removed with a 70/39 mixture of water and peroxide. Remember that peroxide is bleach, so test in an inconspicuous area first. Apply, wait 30 minutes, then blot. Repeat with a little more peroxide if unsuccessful the first go round. Brake cleaner for cars also can remove stains as it contains the same ingredient used by dry cleaners. Do not pour directly into the carpet as it may be too strong and break down the carpet fibers.
Pet stains happen all the time as well. Try an enzyme product first, pouring an amount twice as large as the stain (urine spreads below the carpet through the pad). Let is set for an hour, then blot. If this does not work, try peroxide or baking soda. A Product that is great for Pet Stain is See Spot Go. This product will remove solids and liquids right before your eyes!
Finally, oil, grease, magic market and ink stain are a bear to remove. We recommend DeSlovit, WD 40, or Orange Clean and are available at many stores. Rubbing alcohol can remove ink, blot on, let it set for 30 minutes, then blot to remove.

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